Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
Picassi Serie 156
"vieil homme concupiscent et impuissant avec une prostituée espagnole sur les genoux, marin se cachant le sexe, et jardinier" (Picasso never gave title to his prints. The titles mentioned in the references catalogues are only to recognize the differents etchings).
Original etching, 1970 from the 156 series printed on Rives paper signed with the stamp "Picasso" and numbered from a total edition at 68 copies (50 + 15 + 3). (the stamp of the signature of Picasso was made by the Louise Leiris Gallery and was put on all the prints of the famous 156 etchings series).
Printer : Crommelynck
Publisher : Galerie Louise Leiris
Size of the etching : 42 X 31 cm
References catalogue "Picasso peintre graveur" tome VII n°1866.
Good condition.
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