Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
Beach FrontAdam and EveOceans AwayMirageFalling WatersEmergenceGlobalization Fields
Joan Sonnenberg
"From the age of five, I have been interested in the real and imaginary facets of art; always exploring and working with a variety of mediums. I have discovered that alternating between realism and abstraction has afforded me a new energy application and a directional spirit.

I believe in the harmonious coexistence of abstraction and realism, thereby enhancing and enriching each other. My work embodies realism in abstraction and abstraction in realism, transcending and accompanying these doctrines.

Many of my paintings are large scale canvases with intricate colorful patterns that embrace native American symbols; others are sizeable images that give a sense of life to common everyday objects; and still others are leafy tree forms that have a lyrical quality. Intaglio-driven images resonate a world of fiber optics vaguely reminiscent of cubism and futurism.

With all of this inspiration, I never feel at a loss for subject matter. It's always out there waiting for me!"

Joan Sonnenberg