Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
Splendor of SpringThe Grand ViewCloud BankBorn on the BayouWaterlilies and Mist IWaterlilies and Mist IIReflecting Pond IReflecting Pond IICool WatersApproaching FrontWarm SandsDark WatersSunset Series IIReflectionsMorning AwakeningStorm on the Summer MarshFire Quenched by Rain IIPurple HazeReflecting DawnMorning MeadowSunset Series IMagenta on the HorizonAutumn DuskRain on the MarshAfternoon BlissFire Quenched by Rain I
Most of these canvases are grand in scale, measuring 48” x 60” and 48” x 72”. Custom sizes and commissions are welcomed.

Fire, Water, Earth and Air are always underlying elements in my work. Dusk, Dawn and Twilight each evoke their own personalities.