Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
Enso #32Puja #17Koan Series #28Fire-YantraEnso-Brahmanda 2
Jeffrey Gluck
The world of symbolic images is alive with vibrant potency. From the teachings and insights of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, we have learned that meaning, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and realization are inherent within the realm of symbolism. The potential of “liberation by seeing” is always a constant reality.

I choose to work with the basic shapes of circles and squares or Ensos, Mandalas, Brahmandas and Pujas. Endless variations are possible by combining them and arranging their relationship. My inspiration comes from the Yogic Arts and Architecture as well as the Zen or Dharma Arts. Traditionally, Ensos are known as “circles of enlightenment”, as they represent the mind of the master who drew them. Brahmandas are oval forms that resonant the vibratory frequencies of generative energies. Pujas are ritual events, practices of purification. I use the term to refer to grid-like spatial organizational patterns which can be seen as nodal points of wave interference patterns.

Sculptural images are manifest through the elemental materials of iron and copper. Spontaneous color and patterns of fluid turbulence are achieved by chemical transformations. Meditation practice is part of my method and creative process. It is my intention that my artwork offers people a sense of solace and repose in their busy lives.