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Ari Hirschman
Working primarily in Bonded bronze, Hirschman authors volumes of dimensional commentary on the dynamic of human interaction. Attracted to the study of the individual experience within social contexts, Hirschman situates thinly rendered (barely three-dimensional) figural heads atop tall metal rods. The playful nature of Hirschman sculptures is realized immediately through arrangement of his pieces. His figural sculptures can be situated in a multitude of possible juxtapositions, each offering a new spin on what happens when individuals are in proximity. The dynamic systems that Hirschman recognizes in our world are elegantly maintained in his bronze manifestations.

Hirschman sculptures are characterized by a bold style that is highly confrontational and highly conceptual. The result of Hirschman’s in your face figurative sculptures is an indelible impression on viewers.

The main body of his work explores different situations such as small and large gatherings, the role of leaders and followers, the masses, the thinkers, how the sexes view each other, and the slow march of civilization in modern societies.