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Valerie Lecklikner
After working in the corporate world for 30 years, I began a new vocation as an artist with a passion for photography. I was thrilled to follow in the foot steps of my grandfather, and great grandfather, who were both accomplished photographers.
As an artist, I enjoy finding the beauty within the most diverse subjects. I love to bring forth that beauty in what otherwise might be viewed as common and mundane. The everglades, flora, wildlife, the ocean, urban life, architecture, and rich history of Florida, all present an unending source of inspiration. The lens has taught me to be more in tune to the world around us...the daily rhythms of life, the changing moods, colors, and light that surround us every day. These are things that we feel and see innately, but, often do not consciously notice. I strive on a daily basis to be aware, and my mission is to bring it forward and share with all who are willing to look.