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Alfred Phillips
Since beginning his painting career in
2003, Alfred Phillips has won many
"Best In Show" prizes including the
prestigious “Art Florida” top award and
numerous other prizes. Collectors can
be counted in England, Belgium,
Germany, Switzerland, South America,
Puerto Rico, Canada, and many U.S.
In 2010, Phillips was named Best
Visual Artist in New Times, South
Florida’s alternative newspaper. A quote
from the article states; “...he doesn’t just
talk the talk; he walks the walk.” (Phillips
turns out) “painting after remarkable
painting that demonstrate virtuoso
technique and a broad mastery of styles
and subject matter.”
Also in 2010, American Artist
Watercolor Magazine selected one of
his paintings as a finalist in the “Summer
Cover Competition.”
Phillips' formal introduction to art began
with a full scholarship to the Art Center
School in his native Louisville, Kentucky.
There, he later began an award-winning,
graphic design studio which he closed
after almost twenty years of successful
Phillips moved to Florida in October of
2003, and fulfilled a life-long dream of
having his own painting studio. Alfred
prefers painting with fast-drying acrylics
rather than oils, which are too
slow-drying for his liking. He often
quick-sketches his subject in pencil or
charcoal and relies on imagination,
personal observation, memory, studio
setups or photos he has taken for
reference purposes. "It is gratifying to
have my work recognized and awards
were particularly important to me at the
onset of my painting career. That has
become less important as I try to
satisfy my biggest critic – myself. I will
draw and pain tregardless of the
response to my work. It's part of me
and what I must do.