Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
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Michael Harris
Michael graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.F.A. in sculpture and earned a M.F.A. from San Jose State University. Michael’s Waterway Series explores the transformation of two dimensional satellite views of Florida waterways into three dimensional sculptures. The inspiration for the series has primarily been the Everglades while other Florida waterways have also been incorporated. The work recreates the water flow patterns in the plywood form while the negative space becomes the land. The constructive process of creating these laminated plywood sculptures starts with the cutting of shapes from each individual piece of plywood and then gluing each successive layer together. Next grinding and sanding is required, and the work is finished with Tung oil. The finished surface brings out the variation of color and line that gives the work a topographical appearance while also giving the impression of tree rings from a single log. Using nature as the visual starting point and incorporating a common housing material as the medium, the completed work returns the material back to its organic origins. Ironically, this newly transformed organic form looks as if it may be a natural piece of wood that could have been found in the same area of nature from which it was inspired.