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Greg Little
Gregory Little

I grew up drawing the people, landscapes and gardens of rural north Alabama. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a pencil or crayons in my hands. An early introduction to oils had me painting en plein air as a teenager.. of course, back then, I just called it painting outdoors.

Largely, I am a self-taught painter listening to my intuition and relying on my own personal observations. In my work I am attracted to the idea of capturing the everyday moment. Every moment in our lives, even the simple and mundane, can have their own beauty if we are open and willing to see it. These moments create memories for us and are often forgotten until one of our senses gets tweaked and we are given a reminder of a certain time. Painting en plein air and from life has shown me that time and light are constantly moving with a high velocity… each moment is fleeting and will never be the same again. Using a high chroma palette, bold brushwork and palette knives, it is this energy and movement that I want the paint in my work to reflect. Despite the energy of my mark making, there is a stillness to be found when it all comes together.

My paintings are in collections in the United States, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom and Italy.