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Adam Collier Noel
"In a day and age when we are constantly being bombarded with immeasurable amounts of new imagery, I have chosen to create new art forms using vintage photographs that have been forgotten, lost or disregarded. This ambiguous, yet familiar collection of snapshots I have assembled traverses universal cultural themes such as nature, science, history and the physical form My photography-based mixed media artwork relies heavily on the appropriation of these found images and their relationship to the contemporary world through the lens of popular culture.

The vintage portrait photography I have chosen to work with often symbolizes societal archetypes. These images relate to the universal human experience, and I very much like the idea of the viewer recognizing and connecting with a familiarity in these portraits. I have often expressed that I may not necessarily be the creator of these relics, but through my artistic interpretation, I feel I am their curator.

Employing a combination of technological and traditional processes in my paper-based creations affords me the opportunity to reinterpret the original history of the found image through an enhanced narrative. My inspiration is derived from the meaning inherent in the images I find, as well as the materials I pair them with. Blue prints, letters of correspondence, receipts, book pages, etc. are often layered with the photographs to reflect the importance of paper as a record of human history and a place where ideas are written and discoveries are documented. An enhanced narrative is created when they are superimposed with text, ink, collage, paint, epoxy resin and various other materials. My goal is to build upon the rich history of the image, and give a new life, purpose and narrative to what would otherwise be lost. As a result, the combination of old and new creates a transcendence of time and a revitalization of the past. It is through my artistic interpretation that I pay homage to optics, ways of seeing, and the grand tradition of photography.."